Hand Carved Decoys by Ron Stevens

Ron Stevens is a woodcarver of eastern waterfowl. As he drifts into semi-retirement, he spends even
more time in his busy workshop perfecting his unique skill. By “chip carving” cedar knees into lifelike decoys, then painting with detail of exacting feather head-to-tail, Stevens’s blue ribbon pedigree is evident. A current resident of Elizabeth City (EC) via Chincoteague, VA, then the US Coast Guard, he continues to display in shows along the east coast. His style ascended from research of H. V. Shrouds, and studying the works of locals Ned Burgess and Ambrose “Hambone” Twiford. His passion is projected as he teaches 2-3 classes per year in the white building on the Kenyon Bailey property in EC.
The depth of artistry in his decoy creations emerged from a three-dimensional approach to carving.
He developed a system of tripod cameras in his aviary some years back to create angle, curve, and depth to show an exacting proportion in a life-like decoy.

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