The Chowanoke Indians -- By Duvonya Chavis

The past two articles have focused on the colonization that took place in Chowanoke
territory by settlers who found their land to be desirable and fertile. English settlement
began first in the 1640’s by those who came from Jamestown, Virginia and again later
in 1663 by those who were encouraged through the free land grants administered by
the Lord Proprietors of Carolina. It was during this second wave of settlement that the
Chowanoke Indians entered into a treaty with the English. This treaty lasted for several
years until a war broke out in 1675 between the Chowanoke and the English.
There are many speculations as to what may have provoked the Chowanoke to initiate
war against the English. The Chowanoke Indians had previously welcomed them in
spite of any prior deeds that had been committed against them by these English. Some
theories have been postulated to explain that they may have been incited by other tribal
Indians or may have received news of heinous acts that had been recently committed
by the English against other Indian tribes. During the same year, King Philip had engaged
in war against the Wampanoag Indians, another Algonquian tribe located in the
northeastern part of America. This war had recently ended with the execution of many
Indians and the enslaving and removal of many other Wampanoags to
the West Indies. Nearby, a war ensued between the Susquehanna
Indians and the English in Virginia which also took place in 1675.
These Indians had sought refuge among the Chowanoke for a brief
period of time and could have instilled fear in the Chowanoke Indians
of their eventual fate. Whatever the reason, the Chowanoke struck and
during the first year, had initial success.

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