The Jim Bray I know - by Gary Smith

My name is Gary Smith. I am a retired North Carolina State Trooper. I was stationed in the Elizabeth City or Troop A District 3 office. I had the privilege of meeting Jim Bray when he transferred into our office and was assigned to Perquimans County on June 10, 1996.

When I first met Jim, he gave a firm handshake and looked me in the eye. This is the sign of an honest and straight-forward person. Over the years he has done nothing to change that opinion of him. He told me he is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and was transferring from the Washington office.

Jim rapidly became known as a hard worker and proved knowledgeable about the law, serving as a resource to his coworkers. Our supervisors held Jim as an example to be followed because of his tremendous work ethic. For many years until he was promoted, Jim led the District in crashes investigated.

I transferred out of the Elizabeth City office in October 2005. I was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in September 2009 and was assigned back to the Elizabeth City office. I had not been a District Trooper in quite some time and I was a bit rusty. Once again, Jim served as a resource to me. He actually helped to “train” me to be his Sergeant. Since he investigated so many crashes, I often asked his opinion about checking the many crash reports that were generated in the office. You see, Jim was still a hard worker.

Jim was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in November 2015 and was assigned to the Nags Head or Troop A District 1 office. He quickly developed a reputation as a Trooper’s Sergeant. He worked closely with the Troopers assigned to him. He did the same work as he was asking the Troopers to do. This is how morale is built and maintained.

There is no doubt Jim is able to lead people and knows how to get the best effort from his people. He will excel in any position he attains. He leads by example and has a legendary work ethic. I am proud to know Jim as both a coworker and as a friend.

Gary Smith
Retired Sergeant

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