Selective Enforcement - by Jim Bray

I would like to talk a little about Selective Enforcement. Selective Enforcement is when law enforcement officers pick and choose who to charge or arrest, whether it is an infraction, misdemeanor, or felony. I believe one of the most important characteristics an officer must possess is the ability to be impartial and enforce the law equally. Officers need to be able to exercise discretion and use common sense in all situations but impartiality should be practiced as well. I had the reputation of being “by the book” but I believed treating everyone the same and holding each person to the same standard was the fairest way to enforce and apply the law. For the most part, the law is black and white with very little gray area.
It is very difficult to be an officer that practices impartiality and does not allow outside influences dictate how they fulfill their responsibilities and duties, especially in a small county. I lost friends because I did my job. I am sure there are people who will not vote for me because I wrote them a ticket while doing my job. I have been a part of the law enforcement community in Perquimans County since 1996 and observed selective enforcement practiced over and over again by local law enforcement. It always bothered me to see how people were held to different standards and depending on whom you were or who your family was determined the punishment or action taken against you. I may have lost friends for being impartial while performing my duties but I never had to worry about returning favors or opening myself up to unethical behavior.
I also believe in due process for everyone during the court process. All defendants should be afforded the same opportunities and the law applied equally to all. If I am elected, I will put an end to selective enforcement and enforce the law equally across the board. One of the advantages of being a retired law enforcement officer is that I will not be afraid to make tough decisions and no one will be above the law. Leadership starts at the top and I am looking forward to serving the citizens of Perquimans County. I would appreciate your support in November.
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