Jim Bray -- by Keith Throckmorton

My name is Keith Throckmorton.  I have been a citizen of Hertford NC since 2003.  Before relocating here, I lived in Northern Virginia.  I spent 40 years in law enforcement in that state, beginning as a State Trooper. In Fairfax County, I worked in and supervised a number of entities.  There, located on the outskirts of Washington DC any type of law enforcement action was most common such as riots, protests, major crimes, security for dignitaries, and anything else in between. 

The most memorable of which was 9/11. 

When I moved to Perquimans County, I assisted the Sheriffs’ of Perquimans, Chowan, and Pasquotank Counties, working as a Court Bailiff.  I was immediately impressed with our North Carolina Highway Patrol.  Their appearance was immaculate. They always came to court prepared, and their testimonies were always thorough, professional, and left no questions in the judge’s mind.  They presented a command appearance that showed respect both for the community and the position of their office.  The biggest attribute that I readily recognized was that the law applied to everyone.  Sadly, I also recognized that with others in law enforcement that the law only applied to those who did not know the officer or deputy.  Family members, friends, and those known by some local politician were not held to the same standard as those who have the misfortune of knowing no one.  This was and is an abuse of power, and a violation of office to enforce the law fairly to all. 

As a trooper, Jim had the reputation of being strict but fair.  He also has the reputation of being fair; the law applied to everyone, without compromise or favoritism.  This is the foundation of ethical law enforcement.  As a sergeant, Jim was responsible for the actions of other troopers.  First-line supervision in law enforcement is of the most critical areas of the profession.  Being responsible for other troopers was an awesome task and responsibility.  To become a sergeant, Jim had to take numerous first-line supervision courses, including a six-week course in Raleigh.  When I recall the members of the NCSHP, Jim Bray stood out among the best of the best of the department in every way.  He continues to stand out in the same fashion.  Jim is a husband, father, and distinguished member of Perquimans County.  He has made the time to coach youth baseball for 15 years and soccer for ten years. He has earned the respect of many youths and their parents in this county.  Jim Bray’s platform is IMPARTIAL, COMPASSIONATE, AND PROFESSIONAL.  He could not have chosen a more self-defining Platform. 

IMPARTIAL:  Jim Bray represents law enforcement in an impartial way.  Jim conforms to his oath of office, to enforce the law impartially.  Laws are meant for everyone to include family members, friends, and others who may have connections. 

COMPASSIONATE:  Jim Bray has a feeling of compassion for others.  As a Highway Patrolman, Jim has worked shifts.  He is not all about arresting everyone; he is about reaching out to our youth to be a positive influence.  His experience proves how successful he is in this endeavor.   Jim is also an active member of the Hertford American Legion.  Jim Bray represents the best of a citizen in Perquimans County. 

PROFESSIONAL:  Jim Bray is a positive role model as a professional law enforcement officer.  He has a strong vision in reaching out to our your hath the middle school age, to make them aware of the drug problems.  Jim believes this will be a deterrent to their future involvement.  He wants to bring back the DARE Program.  Jim will be seeking grants to improve current inadequate systems in the Sheriff’s Office.  He wants to increase training opportunities for his deputies.  Their physical health is a priority.  Jim has other great ideas to offer as well when elected Sheriff of Perquimans County. 

This November, cast your vote for JIM BRAY, Sheriff of Perquimans County.  Keith Throckmorton, Federal Contract Investigator; Fairfax County Police, Ret.

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