I don't like going to the vet -- by Scruffy Little Dog

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Everybody knows that dogs don’t like going to the vet. I usually start shaking when they carry me in the front door of the vet’s office. I won’t mention some of the things they do there. It’s embarrassing. A couple weeks ago I went in for my shots. That’s not too bad.
Mom and Dad decided that it was time for me to be fixed and I have a herniated belly button since birth that was starting to bother me a little. They seemed worried. I hear them talking and in the past, they haven’t had good experiences at other Vet’s offices. This time, they took me to Small Paws Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Temple explained everything to my human parents and they seemed to be not as worried.

She examined me then the nice lady at the front desk set up an appointment for the operation. When the big day came it wasn’t any fun but I made it through OK. The nice people there made sure I had enough pain meds and I was back home the same afternoon. That made Mom happy.

10 days later I had my stitches out and am almost back to normal. I am back practicing my favorite hobby - Hanging out the car window!

Wave if you see me.

Going to the vet will never be my favorite thing to do. Small Paws in
Elizabeth City is as good as it gets for a little dogs vet visits.
I give them a rating of 5 out of 5 paws.
Give Small Paws a call and tell them a scruffy little dog sent you. (252) 384-0109

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