Does God take the summer off? --- by Pastor Dan Bergey

Wow, summer once again has flown by. To some the new school year is exciting, to others there
maybe be fear and discouragement. Each year many students go to their first day of school without
the necessary items for effective learning. Teachers try their best to work with the resources they
have. While opinions vary as to why this happens, so often these opinions bring conversations, even
arguments, and lead to few solutions and actions. There are individuals who are desiring to make a
difference in Currituck County Schools. My prayer is that as you read this, you will begin to ask the
question how can I serve and help. In Currituck County there is a School Ministerial Council.
People from different Churches who come together to serve and meet the needs that are in our
Schools. So here is how you can serve. FIRST PRAY, daily pray for students, teachers and staff.
Second find out if your Church is involved, and have adopted a school to serve. Third, if you are a
part of a community organization or business, will you partner with us? Call our office 252-453-
2773 and we will put you in contact with the Church that has adopted the school you wish to help.
Fourth, communicate the need to anyone who will listen, because together we can make a difference.
We here at New Life of Currituck are partnering with Jarvisburg Church of Christ and have formed
a “God cares, We care” initiative for the High School and Middle School in Barco.
We have a calendar of events and projects to help and encourage students and staff. We would love to share them with you, and enjoy your help in making our School system healthy and productive. Every dollar, every item donated goes to help our children, students, and encourage our neighbor, teachers and staff.
Office - 252-453-2773
Church website -
Dan Bergey - Senior Pastor

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