Fun things to do @ the next Indian Summer Festival Sept 6th

The 32nd Indian Summer Festival was a great success – and we aim to match its success at the 33rd Indian Summer Festival on September 5th and 6th 2014. On Friday night we will again have the Beer and Wine Garden and the original Rhondels will be our headline entertainment. This will be their third year at the Festival so don’t miss it – new entertainment will be entertaining in 2015. We are busy lining up some great entertainment again to accompany them on Friday night and, of course, we will have wonderful entertainment again on Saturday. We hope to bring back the Coast Guard rescue demonstration in 2014 that was cancelled in 2013 due to the cutbacks in military budgets. Our Wheeled Vehicle Show will be bigger and better than ever!! The Kids Venue will have something for all ages and is guaranteed to please! Our food vendors will serve a wide variety of delicious items to ward off your hunger pains!"

KIDS VENUE activities:

Following are highlights of the numerous activities that will be available at the children's venue on Saturday September 6, 2014. This venue will be located in the Hertford Baptist Parking lot on Market Street from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

 Tiger Belly Bounce - The Tiger Belly Bounce is a new concept Moonwalk that is turning the bouncer business upside down. This moonwalk features the tiger’s head in a more visible location while also providing a sunshade and safety entrance to keep the action inside.

G-Force – Twin Spin Ride - A great interactive ride for both children and adults. Four people strap into their own race-car seat and begin pumping the handles – around and around they go! The faster they pump, the faster they go; when they stop pumping, the G-Force continues to free-wheel. When it’s time to stop the operator applies the brakes

Buccaneer Pirate Ship - This combo unit features the look of a Spanish Galleon on the high seas. Designed as a combination slide and bouncer, the Buccaneer is a true favorite for children of all ages.

Wacky Jr. Obstacle Course - This wacky-colored Jr. Obstacle is an obstacle perfectly designed for little challengers!

Tiki Island Rock Wall - Tiki Island is a 28ft tall Inflatable Climbing Wall. This island themed attraction has actual climb holds usually found only on hard-surfaced climbing walls.

Tsunami Slide - At 27' tall this slide has a large sun shade and window to keep things cool and safe. Two long undulating slide lanes make this a truly memorable experience.

Teddy Bear Train -Their train is operated by an experienced conductor who is assisted by an engineer. Both the conductor and engineer ensure that the train is properly loaded to enable you to have a safe yet enjoyable riding experience.

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