Albemarle Tradewinds Business Marketing System

Now that the Albemarle Tradewinds marketing system has become so popular there are some trying to copy our promotion techniques. Just a quick reminder that there is more to the internet than just Facebook. With our system your business gets blogged which reaches general internet users and shows up in the search engines. We work hard to keep the Albemarle Tradewinds on top of the search engine rankings which helps your business posts. Our staff also posts to Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus. Remember there is more to the online media promotion than just Facebook posts! You are only reaching a portion of the users out there with Facebook! Our print publication reaches over 8000 readers per month. Our online version (which some people only read online magazines now) reach thousands more. Don't forget the free classifieds and now we have mobile ready coupons! We have some more marketing techniques coming soon such as lead generation and meaningful E-Mail marketing that reaches targeted audiences! 
You get all this for a very reasonable price. Free local news and happenings New! Free Community Calendar! Free Classified Ads!  Mobile ready coupons!

Interested in making your phone ring for your business?

Call Scott at 252-312-2302

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