What You've Always Wanted to Know about Troubling, Icky Mold But Never Asked - by Laura Bush Jenkins

Mold remediation expert Harry Cannon of Dwelling Management Solutions helps us understand how mold spreads and what you can do to take control when it shows up.

Why won't bleach and other homemade remedies take care of mold?
According to the Environmental Protection Agency (epa.gov/mold,) bleach delivers more water to the affected area, enabling mold to spread.  Controlling moisture, humidity, and airflow are key components to removing mold.  Sterilizing an area still leaves it vulnerable to background spores.

Doesn't mold only affect severely neglected properties?  How can it exist in a functioning structure?  
Mold can be invisible within walls or a crawl space if there is an environment for it to flourish.  For instance, a beach property or second home could sit empty with the air off.  Lack of a consistent temperature and/or poor ventilation could cause increased infestation, possibly causing the problem to spread through an HVAC system and creating conditions for inhabitants to get sick.

If no one feels sick, why should we still take precautions?
Everyone's immune system operates differently due to bio-individuality.  My wife could walk into a room and experience cold-like symptoms, while I may not be affected until later.  Those with vulnerable immune systems- such as children, older adults, and pregnant women- usually encounter symptoms sooner.

However, once infestation occurs, it is a constant burden.  At some point, it will wear you down even if you don't have a compromised immune system.  The human body was not created to function in a healthy manner when unnecessarily exposed to mold.

How can I take action to protect my family from the dangers of mold?
Besides a straight-forward visual inspection, lab testing and analysis quantifies what is happening in areas like your HVAC system, while comparing mold spore levels to what is normal outside your home.

Based on test results, custom maintenance plans help busy people be proactive and cost-effective as they look after their property.

To learn more about action steps to protect your health and control potential mold issues on your property, contact Harry Cannon at 252 339 2489 or info@dwellingmanagementsolutions.com
This column exists to educate readers about a general health concern in the Albemarle Region so they can make informed decisions.  Dwelling Management Solutions, Albemarle Tradewinds, and their affiliates are not intending to diagnose, prescribe, or treat an individual concern, nor are they offering legal advice regarding issues discussed in this forum.
What You've Always Wanted to Know about Troubling, Icky Mold But Never Asked - by Laura Bush Jenkins What You've Always Wanted to Know about Troubling, Icky Mold But Never Asked - by Laura Bush Jenkins Reviewed by kensunm on 7:00:00 PM Rating: 5

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