The Circle II – Great food At Great Prices.

     After seeing a coupon on the Albemarle Tradewinds page, my wife and I decided to give the Circle II Restaurant another try. I had heard that new owners had taken over, and that they were whipping the place back into shape. We were really surprised to walk in and see Nathan behind the counter. He has worked in a few well known local restaurants as the cook, so I knew that this trip was going to be worthwhile. After a quick chat with Nathan, we ordered the Circle II burger platter, some cheese sticks, and chicken fingers; nothing fancy, just some quick food. After the disappointment we experienced last week at one of the local big chain restaurants with their greasy burger and soggy fries, I was really hoping for something better. To clarify, this was not a fast food restaurant, either. It seems as though food in Elizabeth City has become bland as of late. We were shocked at how good the food was. The burger actually tasted like a proper hamburger for a change, the fries were great, and the chicken fingers were the best I have had in a long time. Everything was fresh and tasted great. My wife even commented on how clean the place looks compared to some of the other places in town. We are already looking forward to going back next week and trying something new. They have blackboard specials, and if you like buffet food, I took a peak over there and it also looked good. The waitress that checked us out was very pleasant and professional. There are a couple places in town with semi-famous chefs that serve cold food after you have to wait for about an hour. Of course, they are the places to see and be seen. The new Circle II may not be famous yet, but if they keep fixing up great food like they do now, it will quickly become where all the locals flock to get a great meal.

The Circle II – Great food At Great Prices. The Circle II – Great food At Great Prices. Reviewed by kensunm on 10:29:00 PM Rating: 5

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