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I am celebrating my 47th year in the insurance business, here in the Elizabeth City area and Dare County..I have met many wonderful people in my travels, both locals and transplants, like myself. I have always striven to do the best counseling and planning for my customers, and in doing so , I have done what I always wanted to do–Be honest, be truthful and be myself...
I give thanks to my LORD and to the area folks for their kind acceptance of an ex- Yankee from Jersey..Each month I am going to give some insurance advice, mostly from what I have learned
Over the years.. I have been known as the “INSURANCE DOCTOR”, since the mid 70's, when I have an article in the DAILY ADVANCE trying to teach people how to understand insurance lingo and how to pick a good agent and company from frauds.. Here is my tip of the month!!

Buying insurance just because it is 15% cheaper or so easy to get, just go on the internet and get a free quote and BINGO, I am covered,, HURRAH. I am so smart, who needs stupid agents!!!

The problem is you buy insurance to be protected from the big problem that might come along, a death to protect your family, a car accident that is your fault, a house fire or other problems..
By cutting back on your cost ,you are losing valuable coverage that you wish you had when you need it. A good local agent can always help you find the best plan for you without stripping down to the barest amounts of coverage. We agents are EXPERTS in what we do, not some web site or some agent on the phone across country. PROPER INSURANCE PLANNING can not solve a problem in 5 minutes, or POOF, here is a solution that is the same for everyone..

Insurance is the foundation for all financial planning.. It is the “what if” that pays for life’s financial problems.. NOT THE GOVERNMENT.. You are responsible for your own financial welfare. Work with an agent that has proven they can do the work, not just talk the talk. Agents who have credentials after their name, like CLU, or CHFC or CPCU, are like doctors/s with MD after their name or an accountant has CPA.. These agents hold themselves to a higher standard. For more info, call me at 202 5983 or check my website at

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