Whats in your diet? by Warren Green July 2017

Last time I provided a little of my food safety background. Over the years I've shared information about our toxic environment and many instances the “CAUSE”. For this article I'm compelled to discuss my perspective on healthcare and how it was developed and how it relates to “CAUSE”. For the sake of clarity I'm going to go a little deeper into my background to develop my thesis.

In 1956 I joined the Navy and was stationed aboard the USS Saratoga. We did two tours in the Mediterranean and visited most of the major seaports in the region. Here's where my view of things were born. The tours lasted six or seven months and for most of the ports of call we got liberty. When we returned from many of our liberties we were arbitrarily given this new antibiotic, penicillin whether or not we were sexually active. At the time it was apparently considered innocuous. Remember this was in the late 50's. The Saratoga was decommissioned in 1994. I was part of the effort to make it a museum but the effort failed because of extensive asbestos throughout ship. Life was a little different in those days, smoking and tobacco use was very prevalent. In the Navy, when the “smoking lamp was lit”, most everyone smoked. And, if you didn't smoke it didn't matter because you were breathing smoke anyway. I suspect it was the same in all of the branches of the military and in the general public because tobacco use was even marketed and advertised by the medical community, and even considered glamorous. So let's connect the dots. The four thousand plus population of the ship were exposed to two of the most toxic carcinogenic materials in our environment, and our immune system was compromised by the antibiotics. Not hardly innocuous. And now I see TV ads everywhere about mesothelioma (80% asbestos related). I'd love to see the epidemiology data on the navy population, shipyard workers and their families.

I guess it wouldn't be such a big deal if there wasn't curiosity about where viruses such as Hepatitis C, Shingles, and HIV, are in the body for decades before they're expressed. I've since learned that those viruses are probably lying dormant in the nervous system sheathes, where our immune defenses can't touch them, and are triggered when the immune system is compromised.
That gets us back to the immune system. Here's a refresher, the immune system is all about what you eat. Antibiotics indiscriminately kill bacteria in the intestines (gut) where the immune system resides and gets its nutrients. Antibiotics are useful tools, but when used sub-therapeutically to fatten livestock and poultry, to mitigate inflammation from the use of rGBH (bovine growth hormone) in dairy products and to mask unsanitary manufacturing practices, without prominent labeling is a “CAUSE” every consumer should consider because the “EFFECT”, is a compromised immune systems.

Finally, here are a few voluntary recalls of the many that have been published and that might be sold in our region:
Creation Gardens, Inc. Recalls Ground Beef and primal cuts products due to E Coli 0157.H7.
Tyson Foods, Inc. Recalls Ready to Eat Chicken Products due to misbranding and undeclared allegans.
Conagra Brands,Inc. Recalls Spaghetti and Meatball products due to misbranding and undeclared allegans. I suspect that the Tyson's and Conagra's products will be relabeled and distributed through Food Banks, which is a good thing.
These recalls are quality control and HAACP matters. My concerns are the products are probably consumed before they're retrieved. We'll analyze that a little deeper if I can acquire more data.

Let's protect and strengthen our immune systems. Let quality wholesome food be your medicine.
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