Can't Continue With A Sick Household? by Laura Bush Jenkins

Besides missed school days, the wacky weather at the end end of January left frazzled, perplexed families sitting for hours in waiting rooms at family practice and urgent care centers.  Between rescheduling work appointments, rearranging child care, and actually implementing steps to get well, the experience wasn't  necessarily fun or convenient.
In a like manner, when mold exposure becomes a persistent issue impacting your family, you can imagine proper testing to diagnose the problem and prescribe a solution makes a difference versus living out the costs and inconvenience that comes with doing nothing.
If you live in Edenton, you may remember a tight situation that occurred before Christmas several years ago.  In 2010, historic St. Anne's Catholic Church was at a crossroads.  According to former bookkeeper Wendy Callahan, "test results confirmed that the readings on toxic molds were so high the church had to be closed."
St. Anne's faced the potential of being unable to host pivotal Christmas services. 
Thankfully, the manner was resolved through scientific testing that is now more mainstream.  Callahan reported Dwelling Management solutions and expert Harry Cannon "treated the church and basement facilities [...] including the air conditioning duct-work [...] in an expeditious time frame that would allow the church to be open.. [...] Independent tests confirmed the treatments were successful."
More recently, in 2016, laboratory tests confirmed mold presence in the old Edenton DMV office on Broad Street.  After vacating the building, Dwelling Management's Mold Defender products were applied and a clearance test was conducted by Home Spec of North Carolina.  
According to Larry Sellers, managing member of the affected property: "the spore contamination was mitigated and approval was given for DMV to re-occupy the facility."  
'Mold' doesn't have to be a dreaded word when your family or organization has a plan to address it.  Results from Dwelling Management's testing partner- EM Lab P & K- a 30 year environmental analysis leader- can help you avoid unnecessary remediation or understand whether the spread has continued or stopped
If you are concerned about the inconvenience mold is holding over your life or the reputable operation of your organization, we can help you verify and take control in a timely manner.  To find out what testing protocol can help you identify and reduce the impact of contamination, contact Harry Cannon and his team at 252 339 2489 or
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