North Carolina Outdoor Recreation Industry by Robert Norton

We are extremely blessed to have parents and grandparents that have raised us up with hunting and fishing in our lives. From an early age many of us have been out in the field with our dad, trying to follow in his footsteps. However, we must continue to learn and find interest in those areas of hunting, fishing and boating that remain new to us.

Educating our new generations in sports activities is the next big challenge. The importance of having organizations out there to help teach and encourage the youth to participate in hunting and safe shooting, fishing and boating activities is critical. If our new generations are not educated on the benefits that hunting and fishing offers to conservation and wildlife management, in future years our ecosystem could become out of balance. Our new generations need to become educated on our second amendment rights. Having mentors teach proper gun safety and hunting etiquette will ensure that we are becoming responsible gun owners. How to fish fresh water, on shore and off shore and the benefits to our region for economic growth related to all outdoor sports activities. This is one of the most important steps in maintaining our constitutional rights. Having programs geared towards guided youth hunts, youth only hunts and extended season youth hunts helps with getting our generation involved in the outdoors. Having programs dedicated for youth to experience a hunt and fish for the first time, getting some extra practice or hunting an animal that is new to them are important to keep us excited and engaged within the hunting community.
In our community and school sports programs we must establish hunting, fishing and boating sporting training with year around activities partnering with education, police, game and conservation professionals. Research and establish and support a local Youth Sports Adventure chapter, mentor youth hunting, fishing, small boat training and sponsor local activities.
We are very fortunate in our area to have community partnerships with education, police, game and conservation professionals, church and clubs helping to enlighten our new generations on the importance of being educated and speaking up for everyone rights.
Ask how you can assist in establishing a chapter and education center.

Robert (Bob) Norton is an Engineer, Business Developer in Real Estate and Construction with over 38 years National experience in Private, Government projects licensed in over 25 states.
His career started with working in construction, College and eight years military service with the US Army, Combat Heavy Equipment Engineers building bridges, dams, highways and assigned to Canadian US Lock Seaway Locks.
Mr. Norton is a Small Business Consultant/Mentor that offers a wide range of programs and economic development services related to start ups, innovation technology, agriculture and promoting the NC Outdoor recreation industry
Mr. Norton specializes in developing public private partnerships and developing Youth Adventure Programs for Northeastern NC.
After a successful business career in Real Estate development and construction, Mr. Norton now coaches other people to achieve the same success while starting a new Cabin, Cottage, Camp business in Elizabeth City combined with promoting Outdoor Recreation and Sports business to promote economic growth and future jobs in a large industry.
Email:, Phone 252-267-2200 see Facebook pages and Linked In sites.
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