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Thanks for the birthday greetings. Birthdays are an excellent time to take inventory of your nutrition/health strategies, and make adjustments. Along those lines, I read an interesting article that talked about what is described as the brain-gut connection. The study suggests that your gut, influences moods and therefore mental health.

Moving on, as my readers are aware, my mantra is “Let food be your medicine”. I adamantly believe that if you fix the food you fix your health disparities. Particularly chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and obesity, IBS, and gastric intestinal cancer and now we can include mental health, all caused by a poor diet resulting from poor quality, or fake food. Fake food use is a lot more insidious because of the brain-gut connection. We'll update that connection as more info is released.

I perused a lot press releases, and newspaper articles while researching for the column. These caught my attention: The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has approved Amazon's 13 billion dollar acquisition of “Whole Foods”. That's a huge “clean food” statement. Another group represented by Cargil Inc., Bill Gates, and others are focusing on organic enterprises..That deserves attention, organic agriculture is where the money is going and that makes all the sense in the world.

That segues into a Food Lion ad, touting the purchase of some of their produce from local sources. I had to check it out, so I talked to my local guy to see how it worked, and then went to their website to supplement his information. It appears that all you have to do is identify your enterprise, and if you meet their criteria, you get market prices and that includes organic. A small acreage farm(1-2) acres, and a High Tunnel could easily do 30,000 tons per year.

Recall: Wang Food Group, est. 40200 recalls multiple products for mislabeling and with an undeclared allergen(milk), with lot codes dating back to January 2016, and distributed to major retailers in the Northeast and Mid Atlantic.

When refueling your body, the question is always what you want the food to do.
Let food be your medicine.
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