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Digital manufacturing is a method of production in which computer technology manufactures products in a desired style or quantity with little or no involvement from humans. The process is known by a variety of other names, including direct digital manufacturing, rapid manufacturing, instant manufacturing, and on-demand manufacturing. The technology utilized in this approach offers companies the ability to develop prototypes and plan and customize the production process from start to finish.
The creation of products through the mode of digital manufacturing is employed by businesses in a wide array of industries. The aerospace, automobile, consumer goods, energy, fashion, high tech, industrial, medical, military, packaging, and shipbuilding industries are just a sampling of the types of companies who use this type of manufacturing. It is especially popular with tool manufacturers as it allows for the on-demand production of direct tooling inserts.
There are numerous advantages to utilizing digital manufacturing over more traditional processes. Instead of producing mass amounts of a product, this type of manufacturing ensures only a predetermined amount is made. This helps in maintaining an efficient level of energy usage and guarantees material waste is kept to an absolute minimum. By allowing manufacturers to set up the precise quantity of products to be created, a business is given greater control over everything from production cost to product quality.

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