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On July 1, 2014, Healing Species of Currituck assumed operation of the Currituck Animal Shelter, also known as Currituck SPCA.  Healing Species is a non-profit organization based in Columbia, SC with six satellite offices in the US and one in New Zealand. 

The organization’s mission is to utilize rescue dogs in community violence prevention, prison and literacy programs.  Dog trainers will be utilized to work with the dogs in hopes of taking them into our schools to work with high-risk children as well as into our local jail and prison to assist with rehabilitation of inmates. 

Foster Fridays for our animals is one the programs that Currituck SPCA is excited to implement!  Individuals can take a pup or kitty home for the weekend to give him or her a break from shelter life while they are awaiting their furever home.

These programs are working well in other states, and we look forward to wonderful results here in Currituck County as well.

Currituck SPCA belongs to all of us, and volunteers are encouraged to sign up to walk the dogs, play with kitties, or just bring in treats.

Our leadership team is comprised of the following:  Bev Belcher, Director and Implementer of Healing Species’ Educational Programs; Jim Crowley, Assistant Director, Implementer of the Prison Program and Facilitator of Building Operations; Ann Crowley, Secretary and Social Director; and Debbie Lockwood, Treasurer and Volunteer.

Our staff:  Janessa Lockwood, SPCA Manager; Scott Bailey, SPCA Assistant Manager and Operator of SAD-SAC Pit Bull Rescue; Lauren Turner, Supervisor of Canines; Melanie Bailey, Canine Handler; Becky Manson, Supervisor of Felines; Thomas Lane, Feline Handler; and Clel Holmes, Assistant, Canines and Felines. 

Our advisory council: Alan Blevins, Board Member, Healing Species SC; Paula Ford, Seadog Rescue, coordination with other counties to rescue dogs and find them homes; Sarah Gwaltney, Fundraising Coordinator and Public Relations; Michelle Kirnan, Photographer and Social Media Coordinator; Vickie Hagemeister, Dog Trainer and provider of educational programs for socializing dogs with positive training techniques; Gena Maurer and Sheriff Susan Johnson, Animal Control and Implementers of Inmate Program; John Graves, Director of OBX SPCA; Kayleigh Graves, Veterinary Assistant and volunteer; Harv Belcher and Jason Chrismon, Technical Consultants; Kiersten Diehl and Janice Newman, Adoptathons and Volunteers; CERT and Academi, Partners in promoting community involvement.

We are excited to be in the shelter and give it a facelift.  With your help, it will be an outstanding place to visit and volunteer.  Puppies and kittens will be doing the happy dance.  We look forward to seeing you!

We are located at 204 Airport Road in Maple, NC.  Our mailing address is Currituck SPCA, PO Box 827, Maple, NC 27956, or we can be reached at 252.453.4440.  You can find us on Facebook at , and our website will soon be up at  with email forthcoming as well.  The Healing Species national website is  if you would like to learn more about the organization.

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