Professionalism - By Jim Bray

What does Professionalism mean to me? Professionalism refers to the way in which a person conducts business and how they interact with coworkers, subordinates, and the public. Professionalism is more than possessing a college degree or a long list of accomplishments. Professionalism incorporates many different attributes that make a person a true professional. A professional should be confident, polite, and a good communicator. Professionalism means remaining calm even in a tense work environment. A professional must be reliable and dependable. People will be counting on you to get the job done promptly and with a satisfactory outcome. Professionals should be competent in their field and willing to educate those around them. If I am elected Sheriff, I will ensure I am surrounded by men and women who are competent and highly trained to perform their duties.
Professionalism means being organized and accountable for your actions and the actions of subordinates. A professional must accept responsibility and take their job seriously. Lastly, what I believe to be the most important characteristic of professionalism is ethics. A professional should do what is right even when no one is watching. Integrity and ethics form the foundation of a person and this defines a real professional. The level of leadership a person is capable of is often reflected in their professionalism. As the Sheriff of Perquimans County, I want to be that strong leader that exemplifies professionalism while being a positive role model for the community. I would appreciate your support in my bid to be the Perquimans County Sheriff in 2018.
Donations can be mailed to: Elect Jim Bray, 836 Lake Road, Hertford, NC 27944. Personal checks only (Business checks are not allowed).
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