My experience with HughesNet

Living in rural Northeastern North Carolina there is not a lot of Internet options. Like other rural areas the local providers (if any) is not very reliable and the big phone companies work great if you are close enough to a switching station. You are lucky if you live close enough to a town with cable. But in my case, my choice was a local provider. After years of hoping they would do better in providing a reliable service we just had to do something. Having started a small business a few years ago I was having to rely on the local provider to do business. Most of the time it was OK. Then something happened. No Internet. Then a week without Internet. Then two weeks. After several calls and every day a promise it would be working in an hour or so my business started to suffer. After one phone call, the person at the local Internet company stated that “ we don’t think not having The Internet affects your business”. That was it. We started looking at options. A friend recommended HughsNet. He had a several year relationship with them and was very happy. After a quick phone call (800-701-3148) a couple days later we had HughesNet. What a difference! It was faster and cheaper, and we were finally able to stream video without the problems we had in the past. All I can say that if you live in a rural area, give HughesNet a try. (800-701-3148) The old satellite horror stories are a thing of the past. The new technology works flawlessly and we finally are able to have a reliable connection to the Internet. (800-701-3148) give them a call.
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